2017年lncrna sci成果

2017年lncrna sci成果

non-coding rnas participate in the regulatory network of cldn4 via cerna mediated mirna evasion. nature communications. 2017

long non-coding rna uiclm promotes colorectal cancer liver metastasis by acting as a cerna for microrna-215 to regulate zeb2 expression. theranostics. 2017

long non-coding rna linc00092 acts in cancer-associated fibroblasts to drive glycolysis and progression of ovarian cancer. cancer research. 2017

a novel oncogene, promotes proliferation and metastasis by activating the vegf pathway in gastric cancer. oncogene. 2017

a novel lncrna uc. 134 represses hepatocellular carcinoma progression by inhibiting cul4a-mediated ubiquitination of lats1. journal of hematology & oncology. 2017

a long non-coding rna hottip expression is associated with disease progression and predicts outcome in small cell lung cancer patients. molecular cancer. 2017

up-regulation of lncrna casc9 promotes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma growth by negatively regulating pdcd4 expression through ezh2. molecular cancer. 2017

dc-signr by influencing the lncrna hnrnpkp2 upregulates the expression of cxcr4 in gastric cancer liver metastasis.  molecular cancer. 2017

lncrna ak023391 promotes tumorigenesis and invasion of gastric cancer through activation of the pi3k/akt signaling pathway. journal of experimental & clinical cancer research. 2017

microarray analysis of lung long non-coding rnas in cigarette smoke-exposed mouse model. oncotarget. 2017

long non-coding rna ube2cp3 promotes tumor metastasis by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition in hepatocellular carcinoma.oncotarget. 2017

identification of long noncoding rnas for the detection of early stage lung squamous cell carcinoma by microarray analysis.oncotarget. 2017

mirnas mediate gdnf-induced proliferation and migration of glioma cells. cellular physiology and biochemistry. 2017

microarray expression profile of circular rnas in plasma from primary biliary cholangitis patients. cellular physiology and biochemistry. 2017

the androgen receptor promotes cellular proliferation by suppression of g-protein coupled estrogen receptor signaling in triple-negative breast cance.cellular physiology and biochemistry. 2017

downregulation of macrophage-derived t-ucr uc. 306 associates with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma. cellular physiology and biochemistry. 2017