2018年lncrna sci成果

2018年lncrna sci成果

nkila lncrna promotes tumor immune evasion by sensitizing t cells to activation-induced cell death huang d, et al . nature immunology . 2018

long non-coding rna gman, upregulated in gastric cancer tissues, is associated with metastasis in patients and promotes translation of ephrin a1 by competitively binding gman-as zhuo w, et al . gastroenterology . 2018

guardin is a p53-responsive long non-coding rna that is essential for genomic stability hu w l, et al. . nature cell biology . 2018

long noncoding rna lnc-tsi inhibits renal fibrogenesis by negatively regulating the tgf-β/smad3 pathway wang p, et al . science translational medicine . 2018

a 3-lncrna risk scoring system for prognosis of adult acute myeloid leukemia feng y, et al . blood . 2018

long non-coding rna nexn-as1 mitigates atherosclerosis by regulating the actin-binding protein nexn hu y w,et al . the journal of clinical investigation . 2018

apc-activated long non-coding rna inhibits colorectal carcinoma pathogenesis through reducing exosome production wang f w, et al . the journal of clinical investigation . 2018

the senescence-associated secretory phenotype is potentiated by feedforward regulatory mechanisms involving zscan4 and tak1 zhang b, et al . nature communications . 2018

lncrna-fezf1-as1 promotes tumor proliferation and metastasis in colorectal cancer by regulating pkm2 signaling bian z, et al . clinical cancer research . 2018

long noncoding rna mir503hg, a prognostic indicator, inhibits tumor metastasis by regulating the hnrnpa2b1/nf-κb pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma wang h, et al . theranostics . 2018

taurine ameliorates particulate matter-induced emphysema by switching on mitochondrial nadh dehydrogenase genes li x, et al. . proceedings of the national academy of sciences . 2018

a dhx9-lncrna-mdm2 interaction regulates cell invasion and angiogenesis of cervical cancer ding x, et al . cell death & differentiation . 2018

galnt5 uarna promotes gastric cancer progression through its interaction with hsp90 guo h, et al . oncogene . 2018

tumor-derived exosomal lnc-sox2ot promotes emt and stemness by acting as a cerna in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma li z, et al. . oncogene . 2018

long non-coding rna lnc-pctst predicts prognosis through inhibiting progression of pancreatic cancer by downregulation of tacc-3 wang y, et al . international journal of cancer . 2018

long non-coding rna-snhg7 acts as a target of mir-34a to increase galnt7 level and regulate pi3k/akt/mtor pathway in colorectal cancer progression li y, et al . journal of hematology & oncology . 2018

long noncoding rna pvt1-214 promotes proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer by stabilizing lin28 and interacting with mir-128 he f, et al . oncogene . 2018

long non-coding rna linc01619 regulates mir-27a/foxo1 and endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated podocyte injury in diabetic nephropathy " bai x, et al." . antioxidants and redox signaling . 2018

downregulation of lncrna gas5 confers tamoxifen resistance by activating mir-222 in breast cancer gu j, et al . cancer letters . 2018

a newly identified lncrna mar1 acts as a mir‐487b sponge to promote skeletal muscle differentiation and regeneration zhang z k, et al. . journal of cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle . 2018

"ak098656, a novel vascular smooth muscle cell–dominant long noncoding rna, promotes hypertension" jin l, et al. . hypertension . 2018

exosome-mediated transfer of lncrna part1 induces gefitinib resistance in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via functioning as a competing endogenous rna kang m, et al . journal of experimental & clinical cancer research . 2018

the long non-coding rna pttg3p promotes cell growth and metastasis via up-regulating pttg1 and activating pi3k/akt signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma huang j, et al . molecular cancer . 2018

lncrna mt1jp functions as a cerna in regulating fbxw7 through competitively binding to mir-92a-3p in gastric cancer zhang g, et al . molecular cancer . 2018

pan-senescence transcriptome analysis identified rrad as a marker and negative regulator of cellular senescence wei z, et al . free radical biology and medicine . 2018

lncrna tnxa-ps1 modulates schwann cells by functioning as a competing endogenous rna following nerve injury yao c, et al . journal of neuroscience . 2018

long non-coding rna gm2199 rescues liver injury and promotes hepatocyte proliferation through the upregulation of erk1/2 gao q, et al . cell death & disease . 2018

lncrna uca1 promotes tumor metastasis by inducing mir-203/zeb2 axis in gastric cancer gong p, et al . cell death & disease . 2018

long non-coding rnas in ischemic stroke bao m h, et al. . cell death & disease . 2018

long non-coding rna hottip promotes bcl-2 expression and induces chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer by sponging mir-216a sun y, et al. . cell death & disease . 2018

microrna-379-5p is associate with biochemical premature ovarian insufficiency through parp1 and xrcc6 dang y, et al. . cell death & disease . 2018

fezf1-as1/mir-107/znf312b axis facilitates progression and warburg effect in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma ye h, et al. . cell death & disease . 2018

hiv-1 nef-induced lncrna ak006025 regulates cxcl9/10/11 cluster gene expression in astrocytes through interaction with cbp/p300 zhou f, et al . journal of neuroinflammation . 2018

over-expression of oncigenic pesudogene duxap10 promotes cell proliferation and invasion by regulating lats1 and β-catenin in gastric cancer xu y, yu x, wei c, et al. . journal of experimental & clinical cancer research . 2018

cell‐free lncrna expression signatures in urine serve as novel non‐invasive biomarkers for diagnosis and recurrence prediction of bladder cancer du l, et al. . journal of cellular and molecular medicine . 2018

macrophage-derived ccl18 promotes osteosarcoma proliferation and migration by upregulating the expression of uca1 su y,et al . journal of molecular medicine . 2018

identification of cardiac long non-coding rna profile in human dilated cardiomyopathy li h, et al. . cardiovascular research . 2018

lncrna expression profiling and its relationship with dna damage in cr (vi)-treated 16hbe cells hu g, et al . science of the total environment . 2018

integrated analysis of long noncoding rna and mrna expression profile in children with obesity by microarray analysis liu y, et al . scientific reports . 2018

long non-coding rna h19 mediates mechanical tension-induced osteogenesis of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via fak by sponging mir-138 wu j, et al. . bone . 2018

the tea domain family transcription factor tead4 represses murine adipogenesis by recruiting cofactors vgll4 and ctbp2 into a transcriptional complex[ zhang w,et al . journal of biological chemistry . 2018

a novel positive feedback regulation between long noncoding rna uicc and il-6/stat3 signaling promotes cervical cancer progression su k, et al . american journal of cancer research . 2018

lncrna-135528 inhibits tumor progression by up-regulating cxcl10 through the jak/stat pathway wang p, et al . apoptosis . 2018

long noncoding rna pvt1 modulates hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and apoptosis by recruiting ezh2 guo j, et al . cancer cell international . 2018

microrna‐99b suppresses human cervical cancer cell activity by inhibiting the pi3k/akt/mtor signaling pathway li y j, wang y, wang y y . journal of cellular physiology . 2018

overexpression of novel lncrna nlipmt inhibits metastasis by reducing phosphorylated glycogen synthase kinase 3β in breast cancer jiang y, et al . journal of cellular physiology . 2018

overexpression of cancer susceptibility candidate 2 inhibited progression of hepatocellular carcinoma cells gao x, et al . journal of cellular physiology . 2018

upregulation of long noncoding rna meg3 inhibits the osteogenic differentiation of periodontal ligament cells liu y, et al . journal of cellular physiology . 2018

lncrna ak077216 promotes rankl‐induced osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption via nfatc1 by inhibition of nip45 liu c, et al . journal of cellular physiology . 2018

comprehensive analysis of microarray expression profiles of circrnas and lncrnas with associated co-expression networks in human colorectal cancer tian y, et al . functional & integrative genomics . 2018

paraquat and mptp induce alteration in the expression profile of long noncoding rnas in the substantia nigra of mice: role of the transcription factor nrf2 wang l, et al. . toxicology letters . 2018

lrh-1 drives hepatocellular carcinoma partially through induction of c-myc and cyclin e1, and suppression of p21 xiao l, et al . cancer management and research . 2018

integrative analysis of lncrnas, mirnas, and mrna-associated cerna network in an atopic dermatitis recurrence model wang x, et al . international journal of molecular sciences . 2018

lncrna rp11-79h23. 3 functions as a competing endogenous rna to regulate pten expression through sponging hsa-mir-107 in the development of bladder cancer chi h, et al . international journal of molecular sciences . 2018

sigmoid colon mucosal gene expression supports alterations of neuronal signaling in irritable bowel syndrome with constipation videlock e j, et al. . american journal of physiology-gastrointestinal and liver physiology . 2018

propofol suppresses proinflammatory cytokine production by increasing abca1 expression via mediation by the long noncoding rna loc286367 ma x, et al . mediators of inflammation . 2018

up-regulated lncrna-msx2p1 promotes the growth of il-22-stimulated keratinocytes by inhibiting mir-6731-5p and activating s100a7 qiao m, et al. . experimental cell research . 2018

identification of oncogenic long noncoding rna snhg12 and duxap8 in human bladder cancer through a comprehensive profiling analysis jiang b, et al . biomedicine & pharmacotherapy . 2018

resveratrol inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion of multiple myeloma cells via neat1-mediated wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway geng w, et al . biomedicine & pharmacotherapy . 2018

identification of lncrna expression profiles and cerna analysis in the spinal cord of morphine-tolerant rats shao j, et al. . molecular brain . 2018

identification of the genome-wide expression patterns of long non-coding rnas and mrnas in mice with streptozotocin-induced diabetic neuropathic pain du h, et al . neuroscience . 2018

long non-coding rna cudr promotes malignant phenotypes in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma via activating akt and erk signaling pathways liang x, et al. . international journal of oncology . 2018

inhibition of phospholipase d1 mrna expression slows down the proliferation rate of prostate cancer cells that have transited to androgen independence zhou w, et al . journal of cancer . 2018

angiogenic lncrnas: a potential therapeutic target for is chaemic heart disease xu z m, huang f, huang w q . life sciences . 2018

microarray analysis of long non-coding rna expression profiles uncovers a toxoplasma-induced negative regulation of host immune signaling liu w, et al. . parasites & vectors . 2018

arhgap 42 promotes cell migration and invasion involving pi 3k/akt signaling pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma hu q, et al . cancer medicine . 2018

a genome‐wide analysis of long noncoding rna profile identifies differentially expressed lnc rna s associated with esophageal cancer liu w, et al . cancer medicine . 2018

identification of differential expressed lnc rna s in human thyroid cancer by a genome‐wide analyses lu w, et al . cancer medicine . 2018

expression of long non-coding rna hoxa11-as is correlated with progression of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma qu l, et al. . am j transl res . 2018

transcriptome analysis identifies the potential roles of long non‐coding rna s during parainfluenza virus infection wu h, et al . febs letters . 2018

construction and analysis of dysregulated lncrna‐associated cerna network in colorectal cancer zhu y, et al . journal of cellular biochemistry . 2018

differential expression profiles of long noncoding rnas in synchronous multiple and solitary primary esophageal squamous cell carcinomas: a microarray analysis li q w, et al . journal of cellular biochemistry . 2018

lncrna and mrna signatures associated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy downstaging effects in rectal cancer li n, et al . journal of cellular biochemistry . 2018

dependence of artesunate on long noncoding rna‐rp11 to inhibit epithelial‐mesenchymal transition of hepatocellular carcinoma jing w, et al . journal of cellular biochemistry . 2018

focusing on long non-coding rna dysregulation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma shen y, et al. . life sciences . 2018

circulating lncrna xloc_009167 serves as a diagnostic biomarker to predict lung cancer jiang n, et al . clinica chimica acta . 2018

lncrna pcat1 and its genetic variant rs1902432 are associated with prostate cancer risk yuan q, et al . journal of cancer . 2018

identification of abnormally expressed lncrnas induced by pm2. 5 in human bronchial epithelial cells li x, et al . bioscience reports . 2018

long noncoding rna malat1 acts as a competing endogenous rna to regulate amadori-glycated albumin-induced mcp-1 expression in retinal microglia by a microrna-124-dependent mechanism dong n, et.al . inflammation . 2018

microrna‑634 alters nerve apoptosis via the pi3k/akt pathway in cerebral infarction chang y, et al . international journal of molecular medicine . 2018

exploration of radiosensitivity-related lncrna in esophageal cancer stem cell li j, sun w . diseases of the esophagus . 2018

aberrantly expressed long noncoding rnas in hypertrophic scar fibroblasts in vitro: a microarray study tu l, et al. . international journal of molecular medicine . 2018

microarray expression profile of long non‐coding rnas in human lung adenocarcinoma yang z, et al . thoracic cancer . 2018

lncrna dlx6-as1/mir-129-5p/dlk1 axis aggravates stemness of osteosarcoma through wnt signaling zhang r, et al . biochemical and biophysical research communications . 2018

long non-coding rna, bmcob, regulates osteoblastic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells sun x, et al . biochemical and biophysical research communications . 2018

aberrantly expressed lncrnas identified by microarray analysis in cd4 t cells in asthmatic patients qi x, et al . biochemical and biophysical research communications . 2018

long non-coding rna enst01108 promotes carcinogenesis of glioma by acting as a molecular sponge to modulate mir-489 xu d, et al. . biomedicine & pharmacotherapy . 2018

the expression profiling and ontology analysis of non-coding rnas in dexamethasone induced steatosis in hepatoma cell liu f, et al. . gene . 2018

comprehensive analysis of lncrnas and mrnas with associated co-expression and cerna networks in c2c12 myoblasts and myotubes chen r, et al. . gene . 2018

novel biomolecular information in rotenone-induced cellular model of parkinson's disease lin d, et al. . gene . 2018

upregulation of lncrna linc00473 promotes radioresistance of hnscc cells through activating wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway han p b, et al . european review for medical and pharmacological sciences . 2018

transcriptional profile and integrative analyses of long non-coding rnas in primary human corneal epithelial cells in response to hsv-1 infection cui y h, et al . current eye research . 2018

expression profile of long non-coding rnas in rat models of osa-induced cardiovascular disease: new insight into pathogenesis chen q, et al . sleep and breathing . 2018

lncrnas expression signatures of human brain arteriovenous malformation revealed by microarray li x, et al . medicine . 2018

long non-coding rna expression profiles reveals ak098783 is a biomarker to predict poor prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer wang x, et al. . japanese journal of clinical oncology . 2018

 investigating potential molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and genes as biomarkers for prognosis of gastric cancer based on integrated bioinformatics analysis zhu y,et al . pathology & oncology research . 2018

lncrna and mrna interaction study based on transcriptome profiles reveals potential core genes in the pathogenesis of human thoracic aortic dissection li y, et al . molecular medicine reports . 2018

comprehensive evaluation of differential lncrna and gene expression in patients with intervertebral disc degeneration qu z,et al. . molecular medicine reports . 2018

evaluation of the expression and clinical value of lncrna ac010761. 9 in human gastric adenocarcinoma wang z, et al. . world journal of surgical oncology . 2018

lncrna enst00113 promotes proliferation, survival, and migration by activating pi3k/akt/mtor signaling pathway in atherosclerosis yao x, et al . medicine . 2018

chemoresistance‑related long non‑coding rna expression profiles in human breast cancer cells huang l, et al . molecular medicine reports . 2018

"long non-coding rna metallothionein 1 pseudogene 3 promotes p2y12 expression by sponging mir-126 to activate platelet in diabetic animal model" zhou m, et al. . platelets . 2018

loss of linc01939 expression predicts progression and poor survival in gastric cancer chen c l, et al . pathology-research and practice . 2018

diosgenin protects against alveolar bone loss in ovariectomized rats via regulating long non‑coding rnas zhang z, et al . experimental and therapeutic medicine . 2018

serum long noncoding rna lrb1 as a potential biomarker for predicting the diagnosis and prognosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma wang z f, et al . oncology letters . 2018

lncrnas are novel biomarkers for differentiating between cisplatin‑resistant and cisplatin‑sensitive ovarian cancer li q, et al . oncology letters . 2018

patient‑derived tumor xenografts of lung squamous cell carcinoma alter long non‑coding rna profile but not responsiveness to cisplatin lu d,et al . oncology letters . 2018

identification of lncrnas by microarray analysis reveals the potential role of lncrnas in cervical cancer pathogenesis huang j, et al. . oncology letters . 2018

differences in gene expression profile between vocal cord leukoplakia and normal larynx mucosa by gene chip peng j, et al. . journal of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery . 2018

nac1 promotes the migration of prostate cancer cells and participates in osteoclastogenesis by negatively regulating ifnβ chen f, et al. . oncology letters . 2018

knockdown of long non-coding rna pcat1 in glioma stem cells promotes radiation sensitivity zhang p, et al . medical molecular morphology . 2018

honokiol promoted apoptosis by targeting foxl2/lncrna ak001884 in vascular smooth muscle cells gao f, et al . int j clin exp med . 2018