2020年circrna sci成果

2020年circrna sci成果

circular rna circnrip1 promotes migration and invasion in cervical cancer by sponging mir-629-3p and regulating the ptp4a1/erk1/2 pathway . cell death & disease . 2020

mechanism of the regulatory effect of overexpression of circmto1 on proliferation and apoptosis of hepatoma cells via mir-9-5p/nox4 axis . cancer management and research . 2020

cirs-126 inhibits proliferation of ovarian granulosa cells through targeting the mir-21-pdcd4-ros axis in a polycystic ovarian syndrome model . cell and tissue research . 2020

circfads2: a potential prognostic biomarker of colorectal cancer . experimental biology and medicine . 2020

circular rna profile of acute myeloid leukaemia indicates circular rna annexin a2 as a potential biomarker and therapeutic target for acute myeloid leukaemia . american journal of translational research . 2020

circular rna-9119 protects il-1β-treated chondrocytes from apoptosis in an osteoarthritis cell model by intercepting the microrna-26a/pten axis . life sciences . 2020

increased at 2 r expression is induced by at 1 r autoantibody via two axes, klf-5/irf-1 and circerbb4/mir-29a-5p, to promote vsmc migration . cell death & disease . 2020

hsa_circ_0003732 promotes osteosarcoma cells proliferation via mir-545/ccna2 axis . bioscience reports . 2020

identification of circular rna expression profiles and their implication in spinal cord injury rats at the immediate phase . journal of molecular neuroscience . 2020

genomic circular rna expression profile analysis indicated hsa_circrna_000780 as a diagnostic marker for gastric cancer . bmc medical genetics . 2020

113-or: circular rnas: promising biomarkers for type 1 diabetes . diabetes . 2020

circular rna circ_0003645 silencing alleviates inflammation and apoptosis via the nf-κb pathway in endothelial cells induced by oxldl . gene . 2020

long noncoding rna zfpm2-as1 knockdown restrains the development of retinoblastoma by modulating the microrna-515/hoxa1/wnt/β-catenin axis . investigative ophthalmology & visual science . 2020

extracellular vesicle-mediated delivery of circscmh1 promotes functional recovery in rodent and nonhuman primate ischemic stroke models . circulation . 2020

intracranial infections in neurological surgery: the changes of circular rna expression and their possible function mechanism . biomed research international . 2020

comprehensive circular rna profiling reveals that hsa_circ_0001368 is involved in growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenoma development . brain research bulletin . 2020

circ5615 functions as a cerna to promote colorectal cancer progression by upregulating tnks . cell death & disease . 2020

microarray and bioinformatics analysis of circular rnas expression profile in traumatic lung injury . experimental and therapeutic medicine. . 2020

circ-apbb1ip as a prognostic biomarker promotes clear cell renal cell carcinoma progression through the erk1/2 signaling pathway . int j med sci . 2020

circular rna abcb10 promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression by increasing e2f5 expression through sponging mir-584-5p . cell cycle . 2020

circular rna hsa_circ_0000326 acts as a mir-338-3p sponge to facilitate lung adenocarcinoma progression . journal of experimental & clinical cancer research . 2020

a novel circular rna circentpd7 contributes to glioblastoma progression by targeting ros1 . cancer cell international . 2020

circular rna circ100084 functions as sponge of mir‑23a‑5p to regulate igf2 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma . molecular medicine reports . 2020

circprrc2a promotes angiogenesis and metastasis through epithelial-mesenchymal transition and upregulates trpm3 in renal cell carcinoma . theranostics . 2020

circrna‐0077930 from hyperglycaemia‐stimulated vascular endothelial cell exosomes regulates senescence in vascular smooth muscle cells . cell biochemistry and function . 2020

circular rna expression profile of alzheimer’s disease and its clinical significance as biomarkers for the disease risk and progression . the international journal of biochemistry & cell biology . 2020

changes in the circrna expression profile of pc12 cells induced by tdcipp exposure may regulate the downstream nf-κb pathway via the traf2 gene . chemosphere . 2020

circsmc3 regulates gastric cancer tumorigenesis by targeting mir‐4720‐3p/tjp1 axis . cancer medicine . 2020

a novel mechanism of intervertebral disc degeneration: imbalance between autophagy and apoptosis . epigenomics . 2020

analysis of differentially expressed circular rnas in endothelial cells under impinging flow . molecular and cellular probes . 2020

circular rna circ-rell1 regulates inflammatory response by mir-6873-3p/myd88/nf-κb axis in endothelial cells . biochemical and biophysical research communications . 2020

circactr2: a novel mechanism regulating high glucose-induced fibrosis in renal tubular cells via pyroptosis . biological and pharmaceutical bulletin . 2020

hsa_circ_0007843 acts as a mir-518c-5p sponge to regulate the migration and invasion of colon cancer sw480 cells . frontiers in genetics . 2020

screening and functional prediction of differentially expressed circrnas in proliferative human aortic smooth muscle cells . journal of cellular and molecular medicine . 2020

circular rna expression profiling in the fetal side of placenta from maternal polycystic ovary syndrome and circ_0023942 inhibits the proliferation of human ovarian granulosa cell . archives of gynecology and obstetrics . 2020

circ-sox4 drives the tumorigenesis and development of lung adenocarcinoma via sponging mir-1270 and modulating plagl2 to activate wnt signaling pathway . cancer cell international . 2020

abnormal expression of rno_circrna_014900 and rno_circrna_005442 induced by ketamine in the rat hippocampus . bmc psychiatry . 2020

identification of circrna–mirna networks for exploring an underlying prognosis strategy for breast cancer . epigenomics . 2020

comprehensive profiling of circular rna expressions reveals potential diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in multiple myeloma . bmc cancer . 2020

circular rna circabcc4 regulates lung adenocarcinoma progression via mir‐3186‐3p/tnrc6b axis . journal of cellular biochemistry . 2020

circular rna cdr1as promotes adipogenic and suppresses osteogenic differentiation of bmscs in steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head . bone . 2020

curcumin enhances radiosensitization of nasopharyngeal carcinoma via mediating regulation of tumor stem-like cells by a circrna network . journal of cancer . 2020

identification of blood circular rnas as potential biomarkers for acute ischemic stroke . frontiers in neuroscience . 2020

comprehensive circular rna profiling reveals the regulatory role of circ_100242/mir-145 pathway in bladder cancer . oncology letters . 2020

circular rna expression profile and its potential regulative role in human abdominal aortic aneurysm . bmc cardiovascular disorders . 2020

circ‐cep85l suppresses the proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer by regulating nfkbia expression via mir‐942‐5p . journal of cellular physiology . 2020

cisplatin resistance‑associated circrna_101237 serves as a prognostic biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma . experimental and therapeutic medicine . 2020

circular rna expression profiling identifies specific circular rnas in tongue squamous cell carcinoma . molecular medicine reports . 2020

differential circular rna expression profiling during osteogenic differentiation in human adipose-derived stem cells . epigenomics . 2020

circptk2 (hsa_circ_0005273) as a novel therapeutic target for metastatic colorectal cancer . molecular cancer . 2020

elevated hsa_circrna_101015, hsa_circrna_101211, and hsa_circrna_103470 in the human blood: novel biomarkers to early diagnose acute pancreatitis . biomed research international . 2020

circrassf2 acts as cerna and promotes papillary thyroid carcinoma progression through mir-1178/tlr4 signaling pathway . molecular therapy. nucleic acids . 2020

comprehensive circular rna expression profiling with associated cerna network reveals their therapeutic potential in cholesteatoma . oncology reports . 2020

circular rna circuba1 promotes gastric cancer proliferation and metastasis by acting as a competitive endogenous rna through sponging mir-375 and regulating tead4 . cancer letters . 2020

comprehensive analysis of the regulatory network of differentially expressed mrnas, lncrnas and circrnas in gastric cancer . biomedicine & pharmacotherapy . 2020